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Sandalwood is known as Santalum. The Ancient Sanskrit word for the wood is CHANDANA. This is a high priced wood and has a pleasant fragrance. This wood has good oil content . Sandalwood and the oil which is extracted has made its routes to different parts of the world for its great medicinal value

Rosewood is characteristically dark and highly grained wood. The grains run differently in different logs of wood when cut. An Artist draws an imagination and shows that the grain is in some form ( i.e., like a man / woman’s face , waterfall, etc., ). Rosewood ranges in color from rich red to dark brown

TEAK wood is a substitute for Sandalwood Carvings. As Sandalwood is not got in abundance and the high price of the wood, Artifacts are made in Shivani Wood. This wood does not have any fragrance as that of Sandalwood nor does it have any medicinal value.

WHITE wood is availability of this local wood and its tenderness provides a befitting canvas to the artist. An amazing variety of alluring items are shaped out of this softwood with intricate carvings and contours. These include, artistically carved figures of Indian gods and goddesses, animals (plain and undercut), key chains, pens, letter openers, bookmarks, crazy boxes, hairpins, hair sticks, earrings, wind chimes, and host of other gift articles, souvenirs and decorative objects.

The richness of woods Ebony, Redwood, Mango and South Indian woods, make them ideal for being chiseled into exotic figures. Exquisite animal figures, elegant walking sticks, seals, ornate jewelry boxes, paper cutter, bookmarks


The gold-like beauty of the metal brass is next to none, and the skillful hand of artisans takes the beauty of these objets d'art created in brass to further heights. The magnificence of brass and other metals is visible in various esoteric artifacts created from them like intriguing figures of gods and goddesses, birds and animals, and other decorative items. The artisans' romance with these metals can also be seen in the beautiful flowerpots, bells, singing bowls, and incense holders. Various finishes with enamel work further enhances the beauty of these products

MARBLES ARTICLES are Elaborately detailed artifacts carved in 'Makrana white marble', brought to life by paintings in permanent colours and ornamented by pure gold leaf. These 'poetries in marble' make ideal gift for those special occasions. An incredible range of flowerpots planters, bowls, vases, goblets, decorative plates, elephants, figures of gods and goddesses, figurines, and a range of desktop utilities are skillfully carved to adorn the exteriors and interiors alike. The minutest details of the intricate designs of gods and goddesses are looked into since they are used for worshipping. The intricacy and finesse of each piece judges its fate in price. Besides marbles artifacts and decorative pieces are created from soapstone (both undercut and carved) granite from orissa, alabaster and a range of semiprecious stones like crystal jade, ruby and malachite.


These GEMSTONES paintings are mainly made of precious stones with base as acrylic and glass. The precious stones used include emerald, ruby, blue sapphire, yellow sapphire, multi colour sapphires, pearl etc. Recently semi-precious stones are also used to enhance the variety. Each stone is painstakingly placed and pasted to imbibe perfection in the patterns. The colours of these paintings remain the same for a lifetime because gemstones used are all natural. No dyed or artificial stones are used. Besides rough gemstones, polished beads, drops, cabs etc. are also used to widen the horizon of the art. Some of the items that we make are picture frames, tables, photo frames, table mats and coasters, magazine holder, trays etc. We do all kinds of custom work.

In PRECIOUS STONES You have come to the place that is so rich in knowledge, diverse in their character and yet unique in all means. In this sector we dug out the enthralling info on various precious stones that we mark up from across the world and bring it forward and serve you with the exciting package that is so inviting and informative. Learning more on the very reason why such stones are called precious, Will further drive you down the lane that is so full of adventure, scientific as well as knowledge that is as precious as the stones we bring out for you. With the in depth array of info on offer you will just enlighten your spirits for more quests in the fields of precious stones. .

Painting & Jewellery

Silk Paintings are a unique way to create a charming sense of mystique. The Indian style of silk painting emphasizes softness, elegance and a flexibility of style. Silk is skillfully used as a canvas for portraits and paintings. Skilled Indian artists make use of a process that allows the silk canvas to "hold" the paint in vibrant details. Silk paintings have a timeless appeal and their elegance, style and beauty give them a high-status acceptance. The designs of silk painting can be very diverse and motifs & textures range from ethnic and coarse to intricate and refined. Silk painting is creating art on fabric with silk as the canvas. Silk paintings can be designed as art to hang, functional, such as wearable art or for home decor. The heavy use of gold appears as another distinguishing characteristic to highlight the patterns. Rich court life, epics and religious themes are often depicted as a characteristic of silk paintings. The paintings often make use of gold, glitters, gemstones etc.

Imitation jewellery is the latest trend in India as more and more Indian women are going in for a contemporary look. Imitation jewellery is equipped with an inimitable charm and elegance. The pricing makes imitation jewellery all the more alluring. Gold was once considered superlative in terms of style and value. They still remain so, but as the prices became exorbitant, jewellery that is more affordable yet stylish gained popularity. Imitation jewellery is one such category of ornaments that are reasonably priced, elaborately styled and nevertheless stylish.

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