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Our Showroom is an prestigious and unique one in Mysore city. Established in 2005 intending to give the best product to the customers. Customerís satisfaction is our ultimate aim. We deals with Mysore Silk Sarees, Readymade & handicraft goods. We are in this field for past 20 years. We have well trained & charismatic staff to look after the beloved customers.

AT N.I Kauvery Silk & Handicrafts Emporium , we are very passionate about what we do. Our mission is: To bring value to our customer by providing authentic and highest quality Silk & handicrafts items at a reasonable price, fairly compensate our craftsmen and employees, and contribute to help sustain and grow the currently dying Indian Handicrafts industry. We are confident that Kauvery Silk & Handicrafts will establish as a brand that our customers will come to associate with authenticity and quality. We want to bring the respect and attention to these art forms, and the dying industry that it deserves. We have some of the most talented and skilled craftsmen and artists creating several Kauvery brand Silk & handicraft items at our very own dedicated facility in Mysore. Kauvery Silk & Handicrafts is one of our most important products that we manufacture and offer to our customers.


We offer a broad range of Mysore Silk Sarees. We stock some popular varieties of Silk Sarees in various colors and motifs. For a complete listing of our stocked Mysore Silk Sarees you can visit our online store at www.nikauvery.com. You can also "build your own Mysore Silk Sarees on-line. Besides Mysore Silk Sarees we offer many other handicraft items. Check our website www.nikauvery.com for the complete catalog of products. Since we manufacture our own Mysore Silk Sarees and sell them, so we can offer them at very reasonable prices.

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